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Showcasing support from Indian American Community

Novi, Mi

17 Apr, 2020
17 Apr, 2020

Dear Indian American Community:
join hands with us in honoring the COVID-19 Victims fighting for their
lives and those who lost their fight against this epidemic, abruptly
ending their beautiful lives. Also, to show our gratitude to all the
front line troops such as health care providers, police, firefighters,
postal workers, trash pick-up, essential retailers like food supplies,
and others in the community who are supporting our daily lives during
these harsh times.
Let us express our solidarity during this time of darkness by doing:
What   : Switch off all lights in the house and hold a lighted candle/flash light
When  : Friday, April 17, 2020, 9:00 - 9:10pm EST
Who    : Every interested Michigander
Where : On your driveway or outside of the unit

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