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Yoganjali - 2019 Fall Yoga classes in Novi

Novi Christian Community Center, 45301 W Eleven Mile, Novi, MI 48375

07 Sep, 2019
07 Sep, 2019

On Sat Sep 07 2019 - Tue Oct 15 2019
We, at Yoganjali LLC, are pleased to offer
yoga as a curriculum with a systematic introduction of yoga techniques
to the youth and the adults for an overall personality development.
our fast paced life, we are exposed to a number of stressful, traumatic
situations that can cause permanent scars in our mind and body. 
Stress, lack of good diet, lack of exercises and bad habits have taken
us away from our natural state of health.    As a result of which,
majority of the people are suffering from hypertention, cardiovascular
diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal disorders like muscle aches and pains,
migraines, back aches, psychological disorders like anxiety and
depressions, sleep disorders, obesity, fatigue etc.  
the Yoga for Health, participants will be learning various breathing
and loosening practices, relaxation techniques, along with yogic
postures and breathing techniques (pranayama).  Participants will also
be introduced to Meditation.
Vinyasa Yoga, is a sequential rhythmic movement of postures combined with deep breathing.
Salutation is one example of Vinyasa, where 12 postures are sequenced
together and practiced with easy breathing.  Each asana is done with
inhalation or exhalation.  In addition to Sun Salutation, students will
also learn to sequence about 30 – 40 postures.
helps to cleanse all of our internal systems such as circulatory,
nervous, reproductive, respiratory, excretory, endocrine and immunity
systems.    Our muscles, tissues are stretched with each posture and
breath, improving the circulation of blood, nutrients and oxygen. 
Energy blockages are removed nourishing every cell in our body.  Toxins
are removed through sweat.  Vital organs are all stretched and
contracted for better functioning.  Our immunity system becomes stronger
as we perform postures with concentration away from all distractions
and disturbances coming from our internal or external environment. 
Flexibility, endurance, health and strength improve in our body.  Our
mind gets a single pointed focus as it cooperates with the body, to
bend, balance and maintain postures.   Our memory, intelligence,
creativity and concentration improve as the relaxation deepens in our
mind and body.
The objective of our offerings
is to attain health in the body, calmness and creativity in the mind,
wisdom and intelligence in the intellect, stability at the emotional
level and peace and joy in spirit.  A fundamental approach to attain
this mastery over our body, mind, intellect and emotional faculties is
necessary to meet the demands of the speedy and stressful current life
Instructors:   Sudha Rao, a Yogabharati certified instructor and certified EYT by Yoga Alliance, US
Please email or call for registration:  (Prior Registration Required)
Website:  www.yoganjali.us
Email:  moderator@yoganjali.us / Phone: 248-465-1033

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