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Sri Jagannatha Return (Bahuda) Ratha Yathra & Anniversary @ Parashakthi Temple

Parashakthi Temple 551 W Kennett Rd Pontiac, MI 48340

14 Jul, 2019
14 Jul, 2019

Sri Jagannatha Return (Bahuda) Ratha Yathra & Anniversary
On Sunday, July 14 2019
Program Details
05:00 PM Sri Jagannatha Archana followed by Puja and Jagannatha Ashtakam 
05:30 PM  Ratha (Chariot Puja) and Sri Jagannatha Janana/ Bhajan
PM  Pahandi (Lord Sri Sudarsan, Goddess Sri Subhadhra, Lord Sri
Balabhadhra, Lord Sri Jagannatha Dance and move to the Ratha)
06:00 PM  Odissi  Dance by Ananya Kar to Invoke Lord Sri Jagannatha
PM  Chhera Pahanhara (representative of devotees representing the King
of Puri cleans and paves the way for the Ratha to move)
06:30 PM  Ratha Yathra starts around the Temple Parking lot along with the Keerthan Group 
07:30 PM  Ratha comes back to the Front of the Temple, Maha Aarthi & Announcements followed by Maha Prasadh

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