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OMKARA Nights - Open Mic & Karaoke Event in Novi

Novi, MI

13 Jul, 2019
13 Jul, 2019

On Sat Jul 13 2019
Date/Time: July 13, 2019  8:00pm onwards
Location: Novi, MI
Our vision is to celebrate each other's music, never to compete. 
us for enchanted nights of Indian and international live music like
never before. Watch amazing local talent perform their hearts out for
you.  Or hum along and help your team win the wild and creative musical
games.  Or boldly step up on stage to unleash your inner Rafi, Lata,
Arjit or Shreya..
Geet.  Ghazal.  Regional.  Your turn to SHINE !!
a full-on PA system, lyric-streaming TVs, thousands of multi-language
tracks, plenty of mic/instrument inputs and a super-competent
KJ/DJ/sound engineer, you can sing, recite, or perform anything you wish
and stay for the epic group-singing finale....
The complimentary pizza dinner and refreshments round it off nicely. 
Register for this limited-seating extravaganza at www.omkaranights.com

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