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Michigan NRI's Protest to Save Amaravati - One State One Capital

Saint Toma Church 25600 Drake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

12 Jan, 2020
12 Jan, 2020

*Michigan NRI Protest in Support of Amaravati*

Please join us with your family, friends to Protest in support of Amaravati farmers.

*Date & Time:*  Jan 12th, Sunday, 3pm-5pm

*Venue*: Saint Toma Church 25600 Drake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Please join and show your solidarity for One State One Capital (Andhra Pradesh- Amaravati).

What can we do? and Agenda of Meeting:

awareness and pass Ground reality information on the current Amaravati
Issue. as the ground reality is worse than it is being shown in Media.
Hear the ground reality LIVE from the people who have been protesting
from past 25+ days.

2) Discuss ideas of how we as NRI's can help the protests

Already NRI Teams are working on setting up a cultural platform at the
protests., like artists who can perform at the protests and give moral
support to the protest.

4) Agenda would be
NRI's are teamed up and are taking the stand of ONE STATE - ONE
CAPITAL., passing out all the videos to Local and National Media
channels. This triggers some boost to general public., that the protests
are to be taken on a serious note

5) Meeting
higher Officials like President and Vice Presidents of Indian via NRI
Forum, and requesting them to support Amaravathi. Few appointments are
already scheduled by NRI's in Jan 3rd week and many more to come.

Raise some funds across all the states in the USA via this NRI Forum
for Amaravathi and plan to do something big with those funds, so that
NRI voice is heard across the Nation.

7) NRI
Forum for Amaravathi in cities like Chicago, New York, SFO has been
working actively on targeting Indian Consulates so that messages are
being passed to Delhi.

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