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AVG Next Generation Retreat - Vedanta in everyday living

Tamarack Adventure & Retreat Center 4361 Perryville Rd. Ortonville, MI 48462

17 Jan, 2020
20 Jan, 2020

On Fri Jan 17 2020 - Mon Jan 20 2020

Topic: Vedanta in everyday living

Speaker: Swami Advayatmananda Saraswatiji

Date: January 17-20th (Martin Luther King weekend)

Where: Tamarack Adventure and Retreat Center

4361 Perryville Road, Ortonville, MI 48462

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will be an intimate retreat that will provide an opportunity to
reconnect with Vedanta, ashram friends, and discuss the application of
Vedanta in everyday living. The retreat is intended for those who are 18
and older, particularly young professionals.

by a Swami Advayatamanda Saraswati, the 3-day retreat will include
meditation, discourses, discussion groups, activities, and Satsang

The retreat will have discussions on
Philosophy, Culture, and Hindusim. Please feel free to share this
information with friends or other interested parties.

What is AVG NextGen?

are the next generation of students who study Vedanta. Many of us are
millennials (plus/minus 10 years)! We may have studied Hinduism/Vedanta
as children but due to life, some of us may have forgotten what we have
learned. As we’ve become mature, independent, and career-oriented, we
found ourselves needing to touch base with this Hindu philosophy Santana
Dharma. This camp is to serve as a way to reconnect with those values.

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